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Notary Public Underwriters is here to provide you with all the tools you need to perform your duties and responsibilities as a Tennessee notary public. Our website allows you to purchase your notary package and all supplies and also provides you with the application and instructions to complete the entire process of becoming a Tennessee notary or renewing your notary commission. We offer a wide array of products ranging from notary stamps to record books and notarial certificates. All notaries are required, by the state of Tennessee, to attest to all official acts using a notary seal, which meets specific requirements. All of the notary stamps offered at Notary Public Underwriters meet the guidelines for notary seals as prescribed by the state. We take pride in our products and we want it to show! Every notary stamp comes with a lifetime guarantee.

We also offer a line of customizable products that include desk signs, name badges, office stamps and more. Notary Public Underwriters is a leading producer of stamps and embossing products in the United States. We produce all stamps and seals in our Production Department that allows us to provide you fast turnaround and accuracy of order.

Additional information about your duties as a Tennessee notary can be found in our FAQ section and the Tennessee Notary Form. The notary forum was created to provide our customers and Tennessee notaries a space to freely discuss ideas, thoughts and experiences in the notary industry, we hope you enjoy it.

We have listed the qualifications necessary for being a Tennessee notary public below.


Qualifications all applicants must meet:
  • Must be 18 years of age

  • Must be a resident or maintaining a principal place of business in a Tennessee county

  • Must never have been removed from office as a notary for official misconduct

  • Must never have had a notarial commission revoked or suspended

  • Must have never been found by a court to have engaged in the unauthorized practice of law


A person is disqualified from holding the office of notary public if that person:
  • Has been convicted of bribery, larceny or any other offense declared infamous by law (unless restored to citizenship)

  • Is a person against whom there is an unpaid judgment for money received by them in an official capacity and due to the United States, to Tennessee, or any Tennessee county

  • Is a person who is a defaulter to the treasury at the time of election

  • Is a soldier, seaman, marine or airman in the regular army, navy, or air force of the United States

  • Is a member of congress or a person holding any office of profit or trust under any foreign power, other state, or the United States


Our passion for the office of notary public and our Tennessee customers shines through on every call received and every product shipped.


Exceeding Expectations One Notary at a Time!